Next Generation Managed Security Services

RadarServices is the European market leader for pro-active IT security monitoring and IT risk detection as managed services.

Unique characteristics

  • Unique combination of automated risk detection and expert analysis
  • Data never leaves your premises
  • European, leading-edge technology
  • Direct contact at all times to our Risk & Security Experts who speak your local language
  • No need for training, configuration or maintenance and no requirement for additional capital expenditures or headcount
  • All services available 24/7


What customers are saying

“The process of the identification of all possible security threats in the network is very comprehensive. RadarServices is able to provide me with the level of detail which enables us to immediately take steps to mitigate those risks. Unlike any other solution where you need to buy the equipment upfront and you need to hire somebody to manage it, this is a fully managed solution.”

— Saleem Ahmed, Emirates Steel

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„The selectable risk detection modules meet our needs, especially in terms of their comprehensive scope and continuity. And the RadarServices Risk & Security Intelligence Team’s services based on automated detection allow us to keep an eye on our IT security situation at the touch of a button. Ultimately, we appreciate the proximity and trusted working relationship that RadarServices offers us as the only European provider of IT security monitoring and risk detection.”

— Nikolaus Seisl, Teufelberger Group IT Manager

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