RadarServices is the European market leader for managed security services. In focus: the early detection of IT security risks. Data never leaves a client’s company. The services combine (1) cutting-edge technology developed in Europe, (2) the work of security intelligence teams in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) globally and (3) documented processes and best practices. The result: Highly effective and efficient improvement of IT security and risk management, continuous IT security monitoring and an overview of security-related information throughout the entire corporation.

What RadarServices stands for:

  • Continuity. Risks and security flaws are detected as soon as they arise, not days, weeks or months later.
  • Comprehensiveness. Numerous sources of security-relevant information are considered.
  • Accuracy. Our work is customised to the client’s needs and results in directly applicable risk and security information.
  • Currentness. Our risk assessments and security recommendations are always up-to-date.
  • Efficiency. We noticeably reduce the burden on the client’s IT teams and enable them to focus on their core business.

About our clients

Size of company measured by number of employees

Our clients include medium-sized and large companies. Our largest client employs 350,000 people worldwide and ranks among the global top 3 in its field. RadarServices renders its services at the overall group level of the client.


RadarServices is active worldwide

Our clients are operating in 170 countries worldwide. If desired, RadarServices delivers its services to all their corporate locations worldwide.

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Companies by industries

RadarServices has listed and non-listed companies – among them undisputed world market leaders – as clients as well as authorities and public institutions.