About FL1 – Telecom Liechtenstein AG.

The full-range supplier with its own mobile phone network provides bundle products comprising landline, mobile telephony, and Internet as well as TV for private and business customers in the region. Being Liechtenstein’s first convergent full service provider, its range also includes cloud solutions, ICT services, among others. The company is owned by the state of Liechtenstein (75.1 per cent) and the Telekom Austria Group (24.9 per cent).

Telecommunication plays an essential part in a country’s infrastructure.

Telecommunication companies deploy state-of-the-art technology in all areas and have special requirements, both on sector and company level. This also applies to their IT security. Accordingly, Radar Cyber Security tailors the IT risk detection modules Network Behavior Analytics (NBA) and Log Data Analytics (LDA) as well as the Vulnerability Management and Assessment system (VAS) for continuous vulnerability scans.

“We were looking for precisely fitting IT security services, because otherwise we would not really benefit from managed security services. Radar Cyber Security meets these high demands, thus taking pressure off our internal IT. This allows us to put a stronger focus on our core business.”

Aldo Frick, Chief Digital Officer FL1 – Telecom Liechtenstein AG

The goal: identifying risks within minutes.

IT security is a key priority for FL1 – Telecom Liechtenstein AG. Potential cyber attackers should be identified within minutes rather than months.

“We aim to see all security-relevant information and risks from the entire IT landscape at a glance and be able to take appropriate measures without delay.”

Aldo Frick, Chief Digital Officer

A bird’s eye view on everything.

Radar Cyber Security provides integral support to the IT security officers of FL1 – Telecom Liechtenstein: constant surveillance of all gateways for malware and all communication channels beyond the borders of the company, continuous internal and external vulnerability scans, and an ongoing analysis and correlation of the each system’s logs. Necessary remedial measures are not only pointed out, but also prioritised and monitored until the problem has actually been eliminated.

“Thanks to the integral IT security monitoring solution and the continuous process chain from vulnerability identification to remediation, we are perfectly prepared for IT security audits.”

Aldo Frick, Chief Digital Officer