About Salzburg Airport.

Salzburg Airport is the second largest international airport in Austria. It serves Salzburg, the fourth-largest Austrian city, as well as a gateway to Austria’s numerous and vast ski areas, including the Ski Amadé region, the largest network of linked ski resorts in Europe.

The airport is named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and is located 3.1 km west-southwest from the centre of Salzburg and 2 km from the Austrian-German border. It is jointly owned by the City of Salzburg (25%) and The State of Salzburg (75%).

Continuous IT security in focus.

IT security is a key priority for the Airport Salzburg. Radar Cyber Security is delivering its continuous IT security monitoring and vulnerability management and assessment services to the organization.

In this way Airport Salzburg is able to focus on its core competencies and at the same time profits from cutting edge IT risk detection technology, well trained experts and proven processes.

Radar Cyber Security for critical infrastructure providers.

The customers of Radar Cyber Security include listed and non-listed companies – among them undisputed world market leaders – as well as authorities and public institutions.

Critical infrastructure providers are one of the largest customer groups of Radar Cyber Security. These organizations have special requirements, both on the sector and company level. Radar Cyber Security tailors its services to these needs.

The Risk & Security Cockpit quickly becomes the central source for IT security information even in large IT landscapes. It is also the basis for the collaboration between internal IT teams and Radar Cyber Security.

Europe’s largest cyber defense center

Every year, Radar Cyber Security analyses 933 petabytes of data, 99 trillion of events and 1.2 billion vulnerability information for its customers, thus identifying an average of 4.2 million incidents*.

Measured by these figures, Radar Cyber Security maintains the largest Cyber Defense Center in Europe by far, attracting the best IT security analysts in the world. From here, they protect the values of the European economy and society.

The result: a unique hub of know-how right in the heart of our continent.

* Numbers as of 2018