Suspicion turned into certainty: foreign governments collect and analyze massive amounts of data without the knowledge of those individuals, corporations or public authorities concerned. To gather data, they collaborated with technology firms or – in the case of USA – bound them legally to cooperate. Since then, trust in data protection of these firms has suffered considerably. This was the starting point for Radar Cyber Security’s initiative “it’s a matter of trust”.

As the European market leader for IT security we analyse sensitive data of our clients and are aware of our responsibility for this data.

Therefore we defined far-reaching data protection measures:

All our processes are designed to deliver our services without any data transfer out of a client’s network. In fact, data never leaves his premises.
Every action of our Risk & Security Intelligence Team for a client is logged and continuously screen captured.
A strongly secured hardware appliance with a hardened operating system is used at the client’s premises. Software development complies with secure coding practices. Continuous system monitoring, vulnerability scans und penetration tests are performed.
Everyone hired by Radar Cyber Security undergoes an encompassing background check to ensure that all employees are reliable and trustworthy. We provide regular staff training and guidelines on a proper handling of and sensitivity for security-relevant data.
A secure connection with multiple encryption (VPN, SSH tunnelling, SSL) is used for connections between our Cyber Defence Center (CDC) and the clients’ infrastructure.
An auditing right is granted to all our clients. Logged and captured connection data may be reviewed upon a client’s request.

All our premises have 24/7 access control and video surveillance. Enhanced security measures are implemented for the area of our Risk Intelligence Team.
Adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines, contractual obligations and voluntary comitments is not just a “matter of honour” for us. Compliance is a central element of our corporate culture.
Information on a client’s current IT risk status and all identified IT risks are provided exclusively in a browser-based Risk & Security Cockpit operated at the client’s premises.
Radar Cyber Security is owned 100% by European, non-governmental investors.