In focus: The early detection of IT security risks for corporations and public authorities offered as a Solution or a Managed Service. The cutting-edge, inhouse-developed technology platform is the basis used for building up a client’s Cyber Defense Center (CDC), also called Security Operations Center (SOC), or it is used in combination with our expert analysts, documented processes and best practices as CDC/SOC as a Service. The result: Highly effective and efficient improvement of IT security and IT risk management, continuous IT security monitoring and an overview of security-related information throughout the entire IT landscape of an organization.

What Radar Cyber Security stands for:

  • Continuity.
    Risks and security flaws are detected as soon as they arise, not days, weeks or months later.
  • Comprehensiveness.
    Numerous sources of security-relevant information are considered.
  • Accuracy.
    Our work is customised to the client’s needs and results in directly applicable risk and security information.
  • Currentness.
    Our risk assessments and security recommendations are always up-to-date.
  • Efficiency.
    We noticeably reduce the burden on the client’s IT teams and enable them to focus on their core business.