The Radar Cyber Security concept was born: continuous IT security monitoring as a managed service with no security-sensitive data ever leaving the customer’s premises. Equally important, the services would be provided 100% within Europe, with European technology and experts fluent in the customer’s language and able to attend the customer’s premises whenever necessary.

The project was put into practice one step at a time over the next few years: project teams were assembled, work with an international insurance group as a pilot customer started, the customer base expanded and the team grew. RadarServices Smart IT-Security GmbH (Ltd.) was established as an independent company and received public research funding for the development of its cutting-edge European technology.


Radar Cyber Security is active worldwide

Radar Cyber Security’s customers operate internationally. Radar Cyber Security delivers its services to all their corporate locations worldwide.

Research and development today

Radar Cyber Security has established itself as a center of excellence for advanced security correlation and IT risk management. Research in the field of automated correlation using statistical models, machine learning and behaviour-driven analysis as well as risk detection, assessment and evaluation is a key part of our business model. Together with partners, we work on the next generation of methods and technology that will protect businesses and government agencies within an ever-changing threat landscape. An analysis of information gathered from the IT environment, IT services and business processes as well as the topic of real-time risk analysis are just two keywords for methods used to gain a comprehensive enterprise-wide security risk analysis – starting from IT operations and extending right through to senior management. The findings from our ongoing research activities are continuously fed into our service offering, which ultimately benefits all of our customers directly.

Technology today

933 petabytes of data analysed
99 trillion events
1.2 billion vulnerabilities analysed
4.2 million incidents identified

Figures refer to a 12-month period

The next-generation system as a leader in its class features intelligence and automation along with comprehensive IT security monitoring and
risk assessment. And: it benefits from the rigorous development work carried out in-house by Radar Cyber Security.

  • Risk detection is based on multi-level correlation – a process whereby items of information and events are evaluated both automatically and by experts. Customer-specific as well as customer- and industry-independent analogies are used.
  • The correlation is based on a wide range of events, both from the IT system itself and from the environment in which the IT system operates. An intelligent event middleware system is used for this purpose.
  • Different groups, some of which may not be familiar with IT, receive a clear, needs-based presentation of all the risks to critical business processes and IT services, including information on legal and regulatory requirements.

The team

Complex detection tools, constantly evolving threat situations and huge amounts of data call for highly qualified experts with constantly updated skills.

Radar Cyber Security employs internationally respected specialists in IT security analysis and IT risk detection with professional certification such as CISSP, CISM, CISA or CSSLP and commendations for their academic research.

To recruit these experts, Radar Cyber Security presents at recruiting events held by leading universities all over the world and sends speakers to specialist conferences and to universities as lecturers.

Background checks for new staff, and again at regular intervals during employment, are carried out thoroughly. You would expect no less from a company to whom you entrust the analysis of your sensitive IT security data.