Europe’s largest
Cyber Defense Center.

Every year, Radar Cyber Security analyzes 933 petabytes of data, 99 trillion events and 1.2 billion vulnerabilities for its customers, thus identifying an average of 4.2 million incidents. Measured by these figures, Radar Cyber Security maintains the largest Cyber Defense Center in Europe by far, attracting the best IT security analysts in the world. From here, they protect the values of the European economy and society.

The result: a unique hub of know-how right in the heart of our continent.

Cutting-edge technology
made in Europe.

Radar Cyber Security is the only European supplier of managed detection & response solutions that provides its services based on in-house technology. More than 10 years of research and development have resulted in the evolution of a comprehensive Cyber Security and Risk Detection platform we use every day to monitor IT security of world market leaders in all sectors as well as of public authorities. Our research team is a global leader in the spheres of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, continuously incorporating the latest findings to the services we perform for our customers.

The result: cutting-edge in-house technology, guaranteed without any built-in back doors.

Perfection in
in-depth analysis.

Big Data Cyber Security Analysis to utmost perfection: Radar Cyber Security analyses data volumes within individual risk detection modules and cross-correlates them using a variety of risk-detection modules simultaneously. Multi-level correlation – i.e. linking various items of information and events, not only automatically, but also manually by experts – is used for this purpose. Both customer-specific analogies and analogies involving several sectors are applied.

The result: 99.9% effectiveness in detecting IT security issues.

Complete coverage regarding
a wide range of events.

Correlation is based on a wide range of events, originating from both IT itself and the environment in which IT systems are operated. For this purpose, intelligent event middleware is used. The risks are presented as needed and in a well-structured manner – for critical business processes, IT services and legal & regulatory requirements.

The result: based on trillions of events originating from various sources, one cyber risk management process is created.


European roots, in use worldwide.

We count among our customers medium-sized and large companies, governmental organisations and other public institutions from all over Europe and the Gulf States. In total, they are active in 170 countries. Depending on customer requests, Radar Cyber Security performs its services at all company locations worldwide.

Our largest customer employs 350,000 staff members all over the world and is among the top 3 global companies in its sector. Radar Cyber Security performs its services on overall group level.

Our customers’ trust is the most valuable commodity we have managed to win over the years of our work.

The highest security standards on the market.

Being the European market leader in terms of IT security, we analyse our customers’ sensitive data and are well aware of our responsibility regarding these data. We have defined especially extensive security measures to protect the data we analyse on behalf of our customers.

Our guiding principle: no data needs to leave your premises except you explicitly mandate us for it (i.e. in the case of cloud services). Moreover, we have implemented an extensive data security concept for our company, which each of our customers may view and examine at any time.

European data protection as legal framework.

Radar Cyber Security is not subject to the US Patriot Act and is therefore not obliged to disclose customer data to US authorities upon the latter’s request.

On the contrary: Radar Cyber Security is domiciled in Europe and complies with all European data protection rules, among others the specifications of the EU General Data Protection Regulation that will be applicable with effect from 2018 and includes the strictest legal framework in an international comparison.


Return on

Radar Cyber Security considerably reduces its customers’ personnel and financial expenditure for IT security monitoring and IT risk detection. Using Radar Cyber Security’s Managed Security Services means that long-term investment risks resulting from quickly outdated hardware and software need not be taken into account anymore; the same applies to costs for continuous training of IT security monitoring analysts. What is more, isolated solutions and individual systems are no longer required, which saves costs.

The “pay-as-you-grow” model allows ongoing adjustment of the managed security services provided to you by Radar Cyber Security, depending on one single factor: your need.

State-of-the-art early warning system for your IT.

Radar Cyber Security is responsible for configuring and maintaining all risk detection modules. The rules for risk detection and correlation are updated on an ongoing basis. The Advanced Correlation Engine is based on continuously extended rules and policies. Updates for all modules will be performed via a central updating service using a safe connection.

100% focus on your IT security. This is what we are committed to.