Your benefits.

Data security, a constantly up-to-date IT security monitoring system and processes as well as highest efficiency are three key benefits that the unique approach by RadarServices facilitates:

Your data never leaves your company.

The specifically secured RadarAppliance is the basis for the operations of the risk detection modules and the advanced correlation engine. It is operated within the enterprise network. All network data and log information is collected, analysed and processed here. Additional RadarAppliances in RadarServices’ Security Operations Centre (SOC) conduct vulnerability assessments of a client’s IT infrastructure reachable from the Internet. Results are supplied to the internal RadarAppliance. Thus it is ensured that collected data always remains within your company.

The RadarAppliance is accessed using multiple encryption (VPN, SSH tunneling, SSL).

Your IT security monitoring and IT risk management is always up-to-date.

RadarServices is responsible for the configuration and maintenance of all automated risk detection modules. Rules and policies for the automated risk detection modules and the advanced correlation engine are always kept up-to-date. Updates are provided via a central Update Service through a secured connection.

Your resources are used most efficiently.

There is no need for training, configuration or maintenance and no requirement for additional capital expenditures or headcount. Moreover cost-savings result from replacing existing security tools which no longer need to be operated within your company. There is no need for purchasing expensive stand-alone solutions or additional security solutions.