The next-generation system as a leader in its class features intelligence and automation along with comprehensive IT security monitoring and risk assessment. And because of the agnostic nature of the platform any log- network and other data can be analyzed and evaluated.

  • Risk detection is based on multi-level correlation – a process whereby items of information and events are evaluated both automatically and by experts. Customer-specific as well as customer- and industry-independent analogies are used.
  • The correlation is based on a wide range of events, both from the IT system itself and from the environment in which the IT system operates. An intelligent event middleware system is used for this purpose.
  • Different groups, some of which may not be familiar with IT, receive a clear, needs-based presentation of all the risks to critical business processes and IT services, including information on legal and regulatory requirements.

RadarServices analyses 617 petabytes of data, 74 trillion events, 917 million vulnerabilities and identifies 2.9 million incidents per year (on average).