About the State of Salzburg

According to the Austrian Federal and National Constitution, the State of Salzburg is a regional authority, funding or providing numerous services for its citizens in the Austrian Federal State of Salzburg.

Landesinformatik Salzburg (Salzburg State IT) is the local government office responsible for government IT in this context.

Detecting, managing and preventing IT risks in government authorities.

Government services are based on comprehensive information technology. The vast IT landscapes of any organisation (both public and private) are also always subject to a variety of IT risks. It is necessary to recognise these risks promptly, manage them and prevent them, so that the many services rendered daily by the different state authorities can be safely provided.

Reliable IT risk detection thanks to the managed service of the European market leader RadarServices.

The State of Salzburg has trusted RadarServices for IT risk management for a number of years: The technology in use includes security information & event management (SIEM), network-based intrusion detection (NIDS) and vulnerability management & assessment (VAS). The services of the RadarServices analysts are based on these modules and on both the correlation and cross-correlation of their findings. They assess the findings of automated risk detection and prioritise them for further processing by the staff of Salzburg State IT.

RadarServices’ other effect on risk management processes.

RadarServices have an integrated approach that not only provides effective and efficient IT risk protection, it also has a noticeably positive effect on the risk management processes of an organisation (including patch management or incident response). The facts and figures provide objective substantiation of the optimisation of processes and resources in this area. An effect that it was also possible to achieve at Salzburg State IT.