At its heart every company is now a technology company. Technology enables and supports every area of a company. Business success is based on the security of the technologies in use. IoT and other applications, software and hardware make businesses and staff more efficient, but the attack surface of companies for cyberattacks is constantly increasing. That is why it is not surprising that the World Economic Forum ranks cyberattacks among the world’s top 3 greatest risks.

The GDPR is now in effect since the 25th of May this year. It has brought cybersecurity and data protection to the forefront of the attention of companies and users alike. This year alone a huge number of data protection violations were reported due to legal requirements: a hotel chain had to report an attack on 500 million hotel guest data that had lasted several years, a social network announced that up to 90 million user data were leaked, a cyberattack on an airline involved approximately 380,000 transactions, data from 150 million people were stolen during an attack on a fitness app of a sports equipment manufacturer. In addition, breaches of data protection in the health sector concerning sensitive patient data also became known.

Overall, the World Economic Forum reports that more than 4.5 billion records were compromised by malware in the first half of 2018, a significant rise from 2.7 billion in 2017. The scale and frequency of these attacks suggest that cyberattacks and data breaches will continue to be regularly reported in the media in the future.

As a result, breaches of data protection regulations and cybersecurity incidents have become the greatest corporate risk in recent months, with long-term damage potential.

The changes in IT, OT and IoT landscapes are putting companies under pressure. Security is of the utmost importance not only for all areas of the company but also for business success. The International Data Corporation (IDC) expects 74% of companies to be hacked next year.

Thanks to our specially developed cybersecurity detection technology we observe this dramatic increase every day in our Cyber Defence Centre in Vienna. There we process data volumes of 933 petabytes per year. A total of 99 trillion events and 1.2 billion vulnerability information were analysed and 4.2 million incidents identified at the Cyber Defence Centre. The major risks that our experts had on the radar every day in 2018 and reported to customers are shown in our Top 10 risks of the various technology areas.