The increasing complexity and dynamism of technological but also economic and social systems, increasing expectations in terms of performance as well as the lasting cost pressure are contributing to a strong interest in statements about the future that need to be as reliable as possible.

Now, predicting future events is often a rather difficult undertaking. The best thing to do is, however, to ask the people who are shaping the future: the industry experts. We will present you with an excerpt of their answers they provided us with in our current study on the subject.



  • IT security 2025: Innovation stands and falls with the progress made in IT security
  • Innovation & security in the “flying data centre” – Interview with Dr Roland Schuetz, CIO, Lufthansa Group Airlines
  • Cyber attacks and IT security management in 2025 – A large expert survey with regard to future trends and challenges in IT security


  • Organised cyber crime: The 3 “must-haves” for real-time detection of targeted cyber attacks
  • Human versus machine: how self-learning systems detect cyber attacks

Organisation & Compliance

  • As secure as Fort Knox? Why even the most forward-thinking institutions are prone to cyber attacks
  • Data transfer to the USA – Even in the age of cloud computing, IT security must not disappear into thin air


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