Do you trust in your IT’s security? In the eyes of many, this fundamental question is more relevant than ever following numerous headlines about espionage, data theft and ransomware attacks.
In conversations with experts, we tackle the question of what enterprises in all types of industries can do to strengthen their own as well as their clients’ trust in their IT. In detail, we ask about the foundations on which trust can be built, both objectively and subjectively.



  • “Responsibility creates trust!”
  • “We need to overcome the challenges ahead together” – Interview with Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General of ECSO
  • “Trust is really being put to the test at the moment” – Interview with Max Schrems


  • 2017 – where do we stay in IT security and what do we need to focus on? – Interview with Eric Maiwald, Managing Vice President at Gartner
  • Behind the curtains of security technologies research: “New models are tested like vaccines”

Organisation & Compliance

  • Evidence of trust: The importance of ISO standards for IT security
  • DON’T PANIC! PLAN! – The EU General Data Protection Regulation is shaping our future


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