In this issue of the magazine “IT Security – Management Knowhow” we address diamond owners. These really expensive gemstones no longer take the form of a necklace or a bracelet to wear. Now they are found on computers in corporations, global market leaders and conglomerates. “Corporate diamonds” are what cyber attackers have discovered for themselves, what they hunt for and what attracts them.

This is why we have to do everything we can to protect these diamonds. How can we do that? First and foremost, a diamond owner needs to be aware of what is at stake and how desirable their belongings are. Then they must be shown ways to protect them using modern technology and expert knowledge.

This is our focus. An excursion into the world of “real” diamond robberies and the parallels to the virtual world will shed light on the people behind the attacks, along with their plans and resources. Christian Polster, chief strategist at RadarServices, then provides information on the current state of the IT security of companies in Europe.



  • “Diamonds are a hacker’s best friend”
  • “If it weren‘t for me, no-one would have heard of the Pink Panthers” – Interview with Andrea Scholz, Member of the Crime-Prevention-Alliance Europe
  • “Many organisations are unaware of their diamond treasures” – Christian Polster, chief strategist at RadarServices on the protection of corporate diamonds


  • Digital security of production facilities: When your world is suddenly turned upside down!
  • From the point of view of security experts: powerful hacking tools

Organisation & Compliance

  • Your company’s own IT security centre: How to establish it and what it will cost you
  • Review: WannaCry – This is what happens in a SOC


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