The challenges for the operation of IT and IT infrastructure do rise due to the extensive requirements and the uncertain external environment. The complexity of networked IT structures increases whereas at the same time cost reduction is necessary and personnel resources are tight. This increases the operational risks that could have a direct impact on the overall company’s operations.

RadarServices therefore supports the IT in companies and governments as part of the managed services and provides a pro-active and continuous IT risk management. Experts of RadarServices conduct actively risk analysis and assessments, prepare all relevant risk and security information and events in an understandable way for a centralized reporting and do support at any time during the risk remediation. The expertise and experience of experts from the work with several companies can therefore be used directly by each individual customer.

Findings of the risk analysis help to continuously improve the IT security in the company. Multiple functions, tailored to the needs of the company, are combined in one single service, that make otherwise a variety of solutions for risk identification necessary. Furthermore dependencies of individual IT services and assets to each other and to business processes are displayed, which signals risks for the overall operations.

Thereby a company may encounter the complexities in the operation of the IT infrastructure and operational risks for the IT operations are going to be reduced. At the same time the services do adapt to the changing needs and latest threats.

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