IT Security Monitoring

IT security is a prerequisite for sustainable corporate success. Numerous measures are taken to protect data. However, the broad and complex functionalities of IT systems offer constantly new entry points for attacks. This is why continuous and centralized IT security monitoring of the IT infrastructure and its components is essential.

IT Security Monitoring by RadarServices

  • comprises continuous monitoring of the complete IT infrastructure from the inside and outside and assessment of all event data,
  • expressly scans for vulnerabilities in systems and in their configuration,
  • analyses network traffic intelligently,
  • checks servers for changes and unauthorised software and
  • inspects incoming emails with regard to advanced malware

IT Risk Detection

Requirements for risk management in companies and organisations increase continuously. Statutory and regulatory demands, the manangement’s need for transparency of risks and their remediation as well as the importance of a well-functioning internal control system are key reasons. An annual, biannual or quarterly overview about risks at precisely this point in time is not sufficient. To stay ahead in an environment characterised by uncertainty and change, organisations need up-to-date risk information every day.

IT Risk Detection by RadarServices

  • comprises 24/7 collection, analysis and assessment of risk information in the IT infrastructure, considering parameters such as the importance of an IT infrastructure component,
  • presents the risks’ impact on IT services and derives risks for business processes,
  • integrates an IT risk management workflow for transparent risk remediation processes and
  • presents the comprehensive, up-to-date and transparent overview of IT risks in the Risk & Security Cockpit.

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection

Cyber attacks take advantage of the internet and e-mail as the primary threat vectors to compromise important enterprise IT systems and steal data. New types of malware in downloads or in e-mails are not detected by signature-based systems alone. This also applies for the risk of insider threats. All of these threats must be detected throughout the network and analysed centrally.

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection by RadarServices is therefore based on

  • a multitude of systems for signature- and behaviour-driven analyses of the network traffic and next-generation sandbox technologies for the analysis of all incoming e-mail attachments,
  • an advanced correlation engine, which analyses network traffic and events using statistic models, recursive methods and machine learning to differentiate between normal and abnormal behaviour and to detect patterns,
  • the know-how of the Risk & Security Intelligence Team, which analyses, verifies and aggregates all findings.

Cyber Security Log Management

The complexity of enterprise networks increases. Millions or even billions of events in the form of – usually decentralised stored – logs occur every day. The challenge is to filter relevant information with regard to policy violations, threats and abnormal behaviour out of these large amounts of data.

Cyber Security Log Management by RadarServices offers

  • a context-related monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure,
  • based on collected and with the advanced correlation engine in real-time analysed log data out of numerous sources,
  • with the active reduction of all events to the actually relevant incidents and
  • including the Intelligence Team‘s prioritisation of incidents and guidance during remediation.