Our Professional Services.

RadarServices is your partner with regard to all IT security and IT risk management topics. All services are consistently adapted to your specific needs. This way all services are available 24/7 on demand. A one-time use of professional services is also possible.

The portfolio of professional services comprises:

  • strategic IT security and IT risk consulting,
  • the support in case of immediate threats (Fire Fighting),
  • Incident Response,
  • Incident-Workflow management as well as
  • special incident remediation and forensics.

Questions to be addressed in the field of strategic IT security and IT risk consulting include:

  • Which risks are relevant for your company?
  • Which Top 10 risk detection scenarios should be established as a priority?
  • How are modern, targeted attacks detected?
  • Which information types should be considered within the framework of a holistic IT security monitoring?
  • Which corporate areas and IT services should be taken into account in a holistic security monitoring (and at which priority)?
  • Which requirements for a holistic IT risk management do exist at the Top Management level, the IT security teams and the operative IT teams? Which KPIs (key performance indicators) should be considered for each party? How can an efficient information flow to all parties within the company be designed?
  • How is comprehensive IT risk transparency (from IT risk to business risk) achieved?
  • How can be verified if risk remediation measures were successful?
  • Which legislative conditions and demands have to be fulfilled (at present and in the foreseeable future)?
  • Which accompanying organizational measures have to be taken in order to allow for an optimal integration of IT security monitoring?
  • Which correlations can be made from events and chain of events?
  • How are immediately applicable instructions for the handling of risks obtained?
  • How should a documentation structure be designed, which allows a holistic information overview of existing IT risks at any time?