The Risk Check Service is a standardized analytical method for evaluating IT security for small and medium enterprises. The critical components of the IT infrastructure are checked and a specific risk value is presented.


  • Holistic analysis of IT including individual assessment of sub-areas
  • Identification and visualization of the overall security
  • Documentation of results including an exact overview of all vulnerabilities
  • Action plan for risk minimization
  • Minor financial burden and time exposure for the company

Analyzed Areas

As part of the service the following areas of enterprise IT are analyzed:

Analyzed IT areas


The result of the analysis is an IT security pyramid. It shows hidden risks and potential areas for action at a glance. All the above mentioned areas are evaluated individually. Detailed reports describe the results of the analysis at the end.

Risk Areas Pyramid

Risk Value for Comparability of Results

For comparability the Risk Check Service defines the company’s risk value based on the analysis. This value represents the state of IT security in the company and is forming the sum of the individual evaluations in all areas. The higher the risk value, the more potentially vulnerable is the company’s IT. After conducting several analyzes in the context of the service, the risk value can always be compared, so that at a glance, the change in the overall security can be established.

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