• Risk assessments on a daily basis tailored to the company’s needs thanks to persistent audits
  • Reduced liability risk and fulfilment of compliance requirements due to near-time management of potential risks
  • Continuous, pro-active risk identification and remediation by uniquely combining automatic procedures and manual risk assessments by experts
  • Comprehensive risk detection through integration of vulnerability assessment, host- and network-based IDS, SIEM and the possibility of agent-less and agent-based auditing
  • Reduction of complexity for the operations of IT infrastructure due to transparent and comprehensible preparation of obtained information
  • Quick identification of services, hosts and other assets bearing risks due to clear visualizations and customizable organization of assets
  • High availability and scalability of all components for automatic risk identification enables individual deployment in distributed environments and the capability of high data throughput
  • Cost- and resource-optimized risk management – no additional investments or personnel resources needed
  • All data remains on the provided hardware appliance (RadarBox) within a company
  • RadarServices GmbH is the only provider of such a service with its headquarters in Europe

Experts lead through the whole Risk Management Process

Experts lead through whole Risk Management Process