Michel de Crevoisier


Michel is a Security Analyst in the Data Analytics department at Radar Cyber Security in Vienna. Since he joined the company in 2017, he works on improving the data log collection from Microsoft environments in fields like “Operational Technology” (OT), “Information Technology” (IT) and “Public clouds”. Furthermore, he works on the detection of valuable IOCs to provide advanced use cases for threat detection. During his professional career, he handled several positions as a system and network administrator as well as a security architect in France, Spain and Austria.

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Detecting advanced threats using native Windows event logs in your SIEM

12th March 2020, 10:00-10:30 AM (CET)

Webinar with Michel de Crevoisier (Radar Cyber Security Analyst)

Learn from an expert how to detect

  • advanced threats in your Microsoft environment using native Windows event logs
  • attacker’s techniques such as Kerberoasting, Silver Ticket, Bloodhound, privilege escalation of domain, certificate private key extraction,  DCsync, Kerberos unconstrained delegation…

… and other suspicious activities!