RadarServices, the European market leader for Managed Security Services, presents its new headquarters in Vienna with Europe’s largest Security Operations Center as well as exciting new insights into the world of cybersecurity.

Vienna, 2nd of December 2016 – “As of now cybersecurity is made to come alive”, with this words Harald Reisinger, managing director of RadarServices, opened the new cybersecurity world in Vienna. “The core of our work is continuous and proactive IT Security Monitoring. With that in mind we have created a large interactive area, in which our guests can experience our work and the daily challenges our experts have to deal with first hand”, describes Reisinger the new Cybersecurity World in the center of Vienna.

At the new corporate headquarters situated in the 7th district of Vienna an entire floor is dedicated to the initiative of making cybersecurity come alive. Here the current state of research and innovation of the industry as well as current and future challenges for corporate IT security responsibles are illustrated. In the “Hackquarter” the visitors can slip into the role of attackers and learn the hacking strategies and concepts behind the ever more complex cyber attacks.

opening ceremony: Dr. Christian Polster (CFO & CSO RadarServices), Luigi Rebuffi (Generalsekretär ECSO), FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Johann Haag (Mitglied des Hochschulmanagements Studiengangsleiter IT Security FH St. Pölten), Mag. Reinhard Schwendtbauer (Mitglied des Vorstandes, Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich)
Fotocredits: RadarServices/Arnold Mike

In the “Safe Room” possibilities are shown as how to make a company secure with regards to its IT and how to defend itself against attacks. In addition personal discussions with IT security experts are taking place in the RadarServices Cybersecurity World. As this is a new meeting place for the cybersecurity scene, RadarServices is inviting renowned IT security experts for lectures to Vienna’s Cybersecurity World.

Europe’s largest Security Operations Center

Besides the Cybersecurity World the new headquarters of RadarServices is also representing the largest Security Operations Center in Europe. Active IT Security Monitoring based on cutting-edge technology and the work of IT analysis experts in the worldwide active Security Operations Centers have turned RadarServices into an internationally established provider in this sector. Corporations with up to 350,000 employees are among the clients of RadarServices as well as international institutions and authorities. “IT security will play an even bigger role in the future as compared to today. It is our mission to support the growth and competitiveness of the cybersecurity industry in Europe that provides adequate solutions and services to protect the Digital Single Market. For this reason European players, such as RadarServices are needed in this field”, says Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General of ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation).

New study: Cyber attacks and IT security 2025

When it comes to the future of IT security, RadarServices sees itself as a pioneer. In the current study regarding the future of IT security 110 experts from 31 countries of Europe and Asia were interviewed. Thereby dangerous developments were identified: As biggest threat the “Internet of Things”, meaning the networking of everyday objects, was mentioned. Not without reason, because at the end of October several services such as Twitter, Spotify or Netflix were paralyzed by DDoS attacks. Also adaptable malware that is capable of finding security vulnerabilities in the system by itself seems to be waiting in the starting blocks according to the study. More and more frequently hackers specifically are attacking companies or organization via “social engineering”, meaning they are spying on potential victims via the Internet and consequently are exploiting the identified vulnerabilities. “The study clearly spells out that IT security no longer solely consists of a firewall and a virus scanner but it rather calls for an active management of IT security. Otherwise the gate to sensitive data is wide open in companies”, Harald Reisinger stresses.

About RadarServices

RadarServices is the European market leader for managed security services. In focus: the early detection of IT security risks. Data never leaves a client’s company. The services combine (1) cutting-edge technology developed in Europe, (2) the work of security intelligence teams in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) globally and (3) documented processes and best practices. The result: Highly effective and efficient improvement of IT security and risk management, continuous IT security monitoring and an overview of security-related information throughout the entire corporation.

For more information: www.radarservices.com and www.cybersecurityworld.org

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opening ceremony: Harald Reisinger (Geschäftsführer RadarServices), Luigi Rebuffi (Generalsekretär ECSO), Thomas Hoffmann (Geschäftsführer RadarServices)
Fotocredits: RadarServices/Arnold Mike