The experienced Intelligence Team focuses exclusively on risk analysis for clients and thereby draws highly valuable analogies across industries. Thousands of incidents are reviewed and correlated by the team every day. Moreover, findings are used to continuously enhance policies and rules of the automated correlation and risk detection.

The Intelligence Team’s mission is to support the clients’ internal IT teams with superior risk and security information in the desired level of detail. Newly detected risks are continuously integrated. Each risk description is enriched with clear instructions for remediation or ways of mitigation if a remediation is not possible. Thus RadarServices directly supports the IT risk management process in the client’s organisation and contributes to continuous and always up-to-date risk evaluation.

As the sparring partner, the highly experienced and well-trained Intelligence Team continuously transfers knowhow to the client’s IT team not only by guiding IT operations but also by providing valuable advice for strategic decisions if requested. Every individual team member has deep subject matter expertise in security audit, penetration testing, white-hat hacking and social engineering.

Clients that turn to RadarServices while or after an attack on their IT occurred, find experts for firefighting and forensics on demand. The Intelligence Team thereby has the role of an external CERT team.