Reduce data complexity and simplify interpretation

The center of Radar Analytics Interface is a responsive interface for analysts. RAIN empowers users with perfect visibility and clear visualization of data. The new interface brings together different types of data and gives different perspectives. RAIN is the place where different feeds and different types of data are brought together.

Where Big Data meets clear analysis and management processes

RAIN is the next generation of Radar Cyber Security’s graphical CDC (cyber defense center) user interface. There, cybersecurity experts can directly access all data provided by the underlying systems, exploit them visualize them comprehensively. All data sets converge in this highly interactive interface. Threat queries can be started by experts from various angles such as the system, traffic or malware. With RAIN, analysts can quickly combine meaningful data sets such as vulnerability information, log data analytics incidents, and multiple logs. Comprehensive drill-down and correlation functionalities allow analysts to perform complex queries – supported by a graphical representation of the relationships between the elements. RAIN makes threat detection smarter and more effective.