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Emirates Steel

About Emirates Steel

Emirates Steel is owned by SENAAT, the UAE’s largest industrial conglomerate and a driving force for implementing the Abu Dhabi government’s industrial diversification policy. Strategically located in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, some 35 kilometers away from the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Steel is the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, utilizing the latest rolling mill technology to produce rebar, wire rod and heavy sections.

Established in 1998, Emirates Steel grew in a relatively short period of time from a simple re-roller of imported steel billets to a complex integrated manufacturing plant, using modern solutions to tackle traditional industrial problems to generate value for its various stakeholders.

In 2012, the Company began producing at a capacity of 3.5 million MTPA, following two expansions and the investment of AED 11 billion (US$ 3 billion).

The IT security challenge for industrials

IT security is a must for continuous uptime as well as almost all other processes within a company today. However an encompassing internal management of IT risks is extremely costly: new threats are released every day, tools are complex and need to be deployed by highly specialized and constantly well trained experts.

As a result companies invest heavily in IT security although these measures are non-core activities. However they still face the problem that a high level of security is not reached.

The goal of Emirates Steel

Emirates Steel is determined to secure its IT as most encompassing and advanced as possible for a global player today. At the same time IT security shall remain lean and manageable with a defined budget and manpower.

The Solution

Emirates Steel tested the managed service of RadarServices and selected it as the longterm solution.

Log-Sources were immediately integrated in the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and the analysis of network data via Intrusion Detection System (IDS) started straightway.

The RadarServices information dashboard became the central point for IT security information at Emirates Steel and the basis for the collaboration between internal IT teams and RadarServices.

The managed service offered by RadarServices is designed to deliver high quality results in a resource-efficient way. It does not require training of internal staff, neither for introduction nor in the day-today service. Introductory cost and time are minimal.

“As security risk detection is an essential part of IT security management, we were well aware of the need to have a strong solution on this front. We had a solution from a reputed vendor for log and security event analysis but were looking for a far more resourceful solution and more effective methods of screening threats.”

Saleem Ahmed, IT Manager Emirates Steel

“The key reason why we have chosen the solution is that it is a fully managed solution with technical superiority of the automated risk identification process combined with up to date insights and deep knowledge of the experts at RadarServices.”

Saleem Ahmed, IT Manager Emirates Steel

“Easy deployment of the RadarAppliance and promptness of first results through initial vulnerability scans were impressive.”

Saleem Ahmed, IT Manager Emirates Steel

“The process of the identification of all possible security threats in the network is very comprehensive. RadarServices is able to provide me with the level of detail which enables us to immediately take steps to mitigate those risks. Unlike any other solution where you need to buy the equipment upfront and you need to hire somebody to manage it, this is a fully managed solution.”

Saleem Ahmed, IT Manager Emirates Steel