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Managed & Professional Services

RadarServices – the early warning system for your IT

RadarServices is your partner for all IT security and IT risk management topics. Pro-active IT security monitoring and IT risk detection as managed services are in focus. Moreover, the portfolio comprises professional services such as strategic IT security and IT risk consulting, the support in case of immediate threats (Fire Fighting), Incident Response, Incident-Workflow management as well as special incident remediation and forensics.

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About us and our clients

Security in practice

RadarServices is the European market leader for proactive IT security monitoring and IT risk detection as managed services. Our clients include medium-sized and large companies of up to 350,000 employees worldwide as well as authorities and
public institutions.

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It´s a matter of trust

As the European market leader for IT security, RadarServices analyses sensitive data for its clients and is aware of its responsibility for this data. Exceptionally far-reaching data protection measures have been defined.

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10 years of Research and Development

In 2016 RadarServices celebrates 10 years of Research & Development. Since ist foundation, the company has established itself as the European centre of excellence for advanced security correlation and IT risk management. Moreover RadarServices delivers its services to customers and their corporate locations worldwide.

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RadarServices for Red Bull

Inspired by functional drinks from the far east Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid of the 1980s. He developed the product as well as a very unique Marketing concept and launched the Red Bull drink on April 1st, 1987 on the Austrian market. This was not only the launch of a new product but as a matter of fact also the formation of a whole new product category.

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RadarServices for FL1 – Telecom Liechtenstein AG

The full-range supplier with its own mobile phone network provides bundle products comprising landline, mobile telephony, and Internet as well as TV for private and business customers in the region. Being Liechtenstein’s first convergent full service provider, its range also includes cloud solutions, ICT services, among others.

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RadarServices for the Teufelberger Group

Teufelberger is the leading manufacturer of ropes, strapping, and twines made of plastic materials, synthetic fibers, and steel and suited for use in highly advanced applications throughout the globe. The company is very conscious of information security. Its IT security managers were quick to grasp the importance of establishing a comprehensive IT risk management system.

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RadarServices for Emirates Steel

Emirates Steel is owned by SENAAT, the UAE’s largest industrial conglomerate and a driving force for implementing the Abu Dhabi government’s industrial diversification policy. The company is determined to secure its IT as most encompassing and advanced as possible for a global player today. At the same time IT security shall remain lean and manageable with a defined budget and manpower.

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IT Security: Knowhow for the corporate management


RadarServices Publishing publishes articles, reports, studies and magazines on the subject of IT security. It is our aim to provide an insight into the experience of industry experts, and to pass on know-how relating to IT security acquired from intramural and extramural research to companies, public institutions and other organisations. We actively draw on co-authors from academia and business to promote knowledge about current trends in the area of IT security among the general public and, in particular, among corporate executives and politicians. RadarServices Publishing is part of RadarServices.
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Current Studies

Cyber attacks and IT security management in 2025

Designated IT security experts in Europe and Asia have been interviewed by RadarServices, the European market leader for managed security services, with regards to future IT security trends and challenges. They shared their views concerning the development of cyber attacks and security technologies until 2025.

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Competence Series


General Data Protection Regulation

On May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is entering into force. It requires organizations to put more emphasis on the human behind the data record. This data has to be protected and should hold him accountable. If this does not work out, organizations are facing high penalties.

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Identify and Stop Industrial Espionage

Digital industrial espionage is becoming a greater threat for companies in all industries. An additional danger is presented by numerous secret services, which have long had the main aim of spying on businesses and organisations.

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Industry 4.0 = Security 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the term used to describe the fourth industrial revolution, the future of industrial production based on the “Internet of Things”. Its characteristics include a high level of product individualisation and an ability to simultaneously take account of the requirements of dynamic (high-volume) production. Factories are turning into smart factories.

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IT Security for Smart Metering & SCADA systems

Smart Metering describes the process of the computer-aided transmission of data from intelligent electric meters, associated control processes and the sum of IT systems necessary for these operations.

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Smart cyber security for smart cities

Population growth, urbanisation trends and climate change are driving a process of continuous urban development in cities worldwide. This is not only having an impact on how and where people live and work but also on matters such as energy, water, mobility, the environment, finance and public administration.

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IT Security News (video edition)


IT Security News (video edition)

The IT Security News – live from the Cybersecurity World. The news provides you a brief overview about mayor IT Security topics such as cyberattacks, the current state of research and development with regards to IT security technologies and cutting-edge protection methods.
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