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Shaping the future of IT security – Corporate brochure

Radar Cyber Security provides the latest generation of IT security solutions. Our managed service is a complete package of hardware, software and expert know-how. If the option of  an Inhouse Cyber Defense Center is selected, the RadarPlatform modules are the best match. This brochure gives you an overview of all services and technologies.

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Radar Platform

Radar Cyber Security offers you the cybersecurity detection technology and supports your need for an efficient and comprehensive inhouse Cyber Defense Center (CDC), also known as Security Operations Center (SOC).

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Radar Smart Solution

Continuous IT security monitoring for companies with up to 500 employees

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Secure your Operational Technology (OT)

Nowadays, protective mechanisms for OT and IT are at least just as important as the physical measures taken to protect a factory. Threats can penetrate and manipulate systems via network connections. Malware can completely paralyze vast areas and also cause immense physical damage, as well as putting life in danger.

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About us and our clients


Radar Cyber Security for FL1 – Telecom Liechtenstein AG

The full-range supplier with its own mobile phone network provides bundle products comprising landline, mobile telephony, and Internet as well as TV for private and business customers in the region. Being Liechtenstein’s first convergent full service provider, its range also includes cloud solutions, ICT services, among others.

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Radar Cyber Security for Leonteq AG

Leonteq AG is a globally leading business-to-business (B2B) fintech player providing technology and services for structured investment products and pension solutions. At the core of Leonteq’s offering is a proprietary and innovative IT and investment services platform designed to maximize flexibility, transparency and service for platform (e.g. banks, insurances or corporates) and distribution (e.g. asset managers, banks or insurances) partners.

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Radar Cyber Security for Red Bull

Inspired by functional drinks from the far east Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid of the 1980s. He developed the product as well as a very unique Marketing concept and launched the Red Bull drink on April 1st, 1987 on the Austrian market. This was not only the launch of a new product but as a matter of fact also the formation of a whole new product category.

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Working with Radar Cyber Security

The Red Bull energy drink is famous throughout the world. Motorsport, football and ice hockey activities, the sponsoring of athletes, or projects such as the Red Bull Air Race, all help to establish a strong brand. Miscellaneous media companies in production, TV and publishing are also part of the corporate group. Put them all together and a global IT landscape emerges with vast quantities of data, regular expansion of locations and the integration of new companies and sectors.

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Radar Cyber Security for the Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport is the second largest international airport in Austria. It serves Salzburg, the fourth-largest Austrian city, as well as a gateway to Austria’s numerous and vast ski areas, including the Ski Amadé region, the largest network of linked ski resorts in Europe. The airport is named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and is located 3.1 km west-southwest from the centre of Salzburg and 2 km from the Austrian-German border. It is jointly owned by the City of Salzburg (25%) and The State of Salzburg (75%).

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Radar Cyber Security for the State of Salzburg

According to the Austrian Federal and National Constitution, the State of Salzburg is a regional authority, funding or providing numerous services for its citizens in the Austrian Federal State of Salzburg.
Landesinformatik Salzburg (Salzburg State IT) is the local government office responsible for government IT in this context.

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Radar Cyber Security for the Teufelberger Group

Teufelberger is the leading manufacturer of ropes, strapping, and twines made of plastic materials, synthetic fibers, and steel and suited for use in highly advanced applications throughout the globe. The company is very conscious of information security. Its IT security managers were quick to grasp the importance of establishing a comprehensive IT risk management system.

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IT Security: Knowhow for the corporate management


IT Security – Issue 1

Radar Cyber Security Publishing publishes articles, reports, studies and magazines on the subject of IT security. It is our aim to provide an insight into the experience of industry experts, and to pass on know-how relating to IT security acquired from intramural and extramural research to companies, public institutions and other organisations. We actively draw on co-authors from academia and business to promote knowledge about current trends in the area of IT security among the general public and, in particular, among corporate executives and politicians.

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IT Security – Issue 2

Do you trust in your IT’s security? In the eyes of many, this fundamental question is more relevant than ever following numerous headlines about espionage, data theft and ransomware attacks. In conversations with experts, we tackle the question of what enterprises in all types of industries can do to strengthen their own as well as their clients’ trust in their IT. In detail, we ask about the foundations on which trust can be built, both objectively and subjectively.

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IT Security – Issue 3

In this issue of the magazine “IT Security – Management Knowhow” we address diamond owners. These really expensive gemstones no longer take the form of a necklace or a bracelet to wear. Now they are found on computers in corporations, global market leaders and conglomerates. “Corporate diamonds” are what cyber attackers have discovered for themselves, what they hunt for and what attracts them.

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IT Security – Issue 4

In a golden age, money flows into the coffers. Everything is affordable. Anything is possible. Who is this true for today? Among others, the masterminds, initiators and strategists of major cyber attacks, the experts among the hackers and creators behind the Dark Web offerings. They benefit from the suffering of others. Their personal gain harms all of us.

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IT Security – Issue 5

The USA and Asia dominate the technology sector. Europe has a clear need to catch up from a technological perspective. At the same time this endangers Europe’s sovereignty and requires a drastic reform – to shift from a mere consumer to a leading driver of innovation.

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Review & Outlook



A review of the incidents that occurred in 2018 reflects the wide range of online crimes and IT security flaws.

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A review of the incidents that occurred in 2017 reflects the wide range of online crimes and IT security flaws.

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Current Studies

Cyber attacks and IT security management in 2025

Designated IT security experts in Europe and Asia have been interviewed by Radar Cyber Security, the European market leader for managed security services, with regards to future IT security trends and challenges. They shared their views concerning the development of cyber attacks and security technologies until 2025.

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Cyber-attacks and IT Security in 2025 – Infographic

How secure is tomorrow’s IT? – Digital attacks and threats

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Competence Series

CDC as a Service – Decision Criteria for Provider Selection

Ongoing and extensive monitoring of IT security is a crucial part of an overall strategy aiming at protecting your organisation against attacks, data exfiltration and business disruptions. Establishing and setting up the right hard and software tools, highly qualified experts, and processes that work perfectly in an emergency within an organisation requires substantial human and financial resources. There is an alternative, however: CDC (Cyber Defence Center) as a Service, also known as SOC (Security Operations Center).

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General Data Protection Regulation

On May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is entering into force. It requires organizations to put more emphasis on the human behind the data record. This data has to be protected and should hold him accountable. If this does not work out, organizations are facing high penalties.

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