RadarServices provides all tools and manages the continuous operations. Choose risk detection modules that are tailor-made to your needs and that come with expert analysis by our Risk & Security Intelligence Team in real time, daily, weekly or monthly intervals:

SOC as a Service

The complete package for your IT Security.

RadarServices sets up a Security Operations Center (SOC) in your company and manages its continuous operation. Quickly up and running, using tried and tested principles and based on cutting-edge technology developed in Europe. Personal contact in your local language, clear rules and documented processes for structured procedures and easy communication with your company. Choose your ideal service hours up to 24/7, including incident response and real-time alerting.

IT Security Monitoring

Log and Network Monitoring.

Increasing interconnectedness of IT systems leads to new vulnerabilities for attacks from both the inside and outside. Continuous and central IT Security Monitoring of the IT infrastructure and its components is essential. RadarServices continuously monitors the entire IT infrastructure and applications and evaluates all data results, specifically searches for weaknesses in systems and their configuration and intelligently analyses the network traffic.

Included Modules

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Collection, analysis and correlation of logs.

The collection and analysis of logs from various sources of a network (server, clients, network devices, firewalls, applications, etc.) is essential in order to get information about security-relevant events. Out of millions of events RadarServices effectively and efficiently identifies those, which indicate abuse of IT and applications, internal or external attacks or other threats.

Included Modules

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection

Analyses web downloads and e-mail attachments.

New types of malware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and trojans find their way into companies via web downloads or e-mail attachments as they are not detected by signature-based systems alone. In addition there is the risk of insider threats whereby unauthorized access is obtained to specifically targeted information. RadarServices uses a multitude of systems for signature- and behavior-driven analyses of network traffic and next-generation sandbox technologies for the analysis of all incoming e-mail attachments as well as web downloads and analyses all findings centrally.

Included Modules

IT Risk Detection

Monitoring & Auditing package.

Companies and organisations need up-to-date risk information every day. RadarServices collects and analyses risk in the IT infrastructure considering parameters such as the importance of IT infrastructure components, establishes the legally required Internal Control System for your IT and supplies documentation for your compliance & regulatory demands. A clear illustration of effects of security-relevant issues on IT services and business processes as well as an IT risk management workflow is included.

Professional Services

Additional Services for IT-Security Monitoring.

RadarServices is your partner with regard to all IT security and IT risk management topics. All services are consistently adapted to your specific needs. This way all services are available 24/7 on demand. A one-time use of professional services is also possible.

The portfolio of professional services comprises:

  • strategic IT security and IT risk consulting,
  • the support in case of immediate threats (Fire Fighting),
  • Incident Response,
  • Incident-Workflow management as well as
  • special incident remediation and forensics.

Questions to be addressed in the field of strategic IT security and IT risk consulting include:

  • Which risks are relevant for your company?
  • Which Top 10 risk detection scenarios should be established as a priority?
  • How are modern, targeted attacks detected?
  • Which information types should be considered within the framework of a holistic IT security monitoring?
  • Which corporate areas and IT services should be taken into account in a holistic security monitoring (and at which priority)?
  • Which requirements for a holistic IT risk management do exist at the Top Management level, the IT security teams and the operative IT teams? Which KPIs (key performance indicators) should be considered for each party? How can an efficient information flow to all parties within the company be designed?
  • How is comprehensive IT risk transparency (from IT risk to business risk) achieved?
  • How can be verified if risk remediation measures were successful?
  • Which legislative conditions and demands have to be fulfilled (at present and in the foreseeable future)?
  • Which accompanying organizational measures have to be taken in order to allow for an optimal integration of IT security monitoring?
  • Which correlations can be made from events and chain of events?
  • How are immediately applicable instructions for the handling of risks obtained?
  • How should a documentation structure be designed, which allows a holistic information overview of existing IT risks at any time?

Our approach and the results.

It will only be reported when it is important.

RadarServices offers proactive and continuous IT security monitoring and risk detection provided in the most effective and efficient way. The result: only crucial data is reported:

The approach

  • 24/7 automated IT security monitoring and risk detection: correlation, cross-correlation and aggregation of events from Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and Logging, Network-based Intrusion Detection (NIDS), Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS), Vulnerability Management and Assessment (VAS), Software Compliance (SOCO) and Advanced Threat Detection (Email & Web/ATD).
  • Customer-specific requirements are considered through detection scenarios.
  • The Risk & Security Intelligence Team, our experts for risk and security analysis, analyses the automatically obtained findings in predefined intervals (daily/weekly/monthly).

The result

  • The consolidated and verified IT risk and security information is immediately applicable for remediation processes.
  • No false positives, no false negatives.
  • All IT risk and security information are presented centrally in the Risk & Security Cockpit. Customised and easy to understand reports and statistics are available on the push of a button.
  • Real-time alerts are generated based on dynamically set thresholds.
  • The Risk & Security Intelligence Team gradually takes over the development of customised detection scenarios.
  • A structured IT risk management process is established and leads to transparency.