In order to gain this level of assurance, it requires verifying and validating with a real-world test of whether an attacker can get access to networks and IT systems. This is where the Offensive Security team comes into play. The team proves that risks are real and demonstrates the quickest ways to gain unauthorized access to information and systems via penetration testing. Most importantly it demonstrates to executive management what can happen if IT security risks are not addressed or taken care of properly. The team looks at your business like real attackers would.

Our Offensive Security Team provides a wide range of Security Assessments and Penetration Tests:

  • external and internal IT systems
  • critical Infrastructure and production systems
  • web, mobile and client applications
  • social engineering
  • physical security

During the engagements the Offensive Security Team provides valuable insights:

  • it validates if the IT infrastructure is exploitable with state-of-the-art attacks
  • It verifies if detection and response capabilities are effective
  • It shows weak spots
  • It presents a detailed report that will point out the actions needed to greatly improve the security level