Building your CDC

Radar Cyber Security offers you the technology and support you need for your efficient and comprehensive inhouse Cyber Defense Center (CDC), also known as Security Operations Center (SOC).

Apart from the RadarPlatform, the leading Cyber Security Detection technology developed in Europe to protect your company’s assets effectively, processes are established in your CDC and the employees get training and instructions.

Therefore, Radar Cyber Security provides support at all stages: from planning and implementation to integration into your organisation and continuous improvement – whether you want to establish or expand your CDC.

The RadarPlatform is the core that makes it possible to create the technological basis tailored to your needs.

Building your CDC for your clients

White labelling or franchising – Radar Cyber Security offers various options to providers of managed security services so that they can supply their customers with services based on the RadarPlatform, the leading Cyber Security Detection technology developed in Europe.

Radar Cyber Security’s Technology

Regular updates, integrated threat intelligence and continuous improvements are included. Big Data is proceeded and analysed and finally results in customized reports, alarms and a central source for information: the Risk & Security Cockpit. Everything is state-of-the-art at any time and following Radar Cyber Security’s reliable procedures for detection and risk assessment, including the advanced correlation engine.

In addition, we support you with our CDC Empowerment Services: we tailor the platform to your specific needs, conduct trainings for your CDC team and jointly work out the right processes and best practices for your organisation. The goal always in mind: maximum effectivity and efficiency regarding detection & response. Our experience is always available to you.